Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hey Everyone,

My second week has gone very well in the MTC. Most of you are probably wondering how Thanksgiving was. We started the morning off with a continental breakfast followed by a devotional given by ELder Jeffery R. Holland. I know, Elder Holland! It was really cool. The spirit was definitely present while he was in the meeting. His family gave a lot of musical numbers and said that he will "adopt" all of us missionaries this holiday. There a few things that I really loved that he said. He told us that we mus always be engaged in the working of saving the human soul. I must always be worthy and ready to teach and bring the spirit into someones home. Thanksgiving dinner wasn't too bad. I did miss the food at home though. We also put together some care packages for Mali, Africa which was fun! There were a few other devotionals throughout the day the consisted of music and giving thanks. But then, the MTC Presidency starting handing out popcorn and said we are going to spend the rest of the night watching a movie, 17 Miracles! All the missionaries in the room were like Oh My Gosh! a we get to watch a real movie! It was so funny how all of us were freaking out. It was a really fun night and it will be a Thanksgiving that I will always remember.

I finished the Book of Mormon for the second time on Friday! I took Moroni's promise and prayed about it. As I was pondering on the truthfulness of the book, I remembered how much I have grown closer to my Savior as I read it and how much I truly love and cherish its teachings. I just felt a strong love for the Book of Mormon and I knew that it was true. I also know the Joseph Smith was a true prophet and how much I look up to him and respect him for all that he has done. My companion and I had a chance to be taught by some other missionaries in our zone. They were didn't that great of a job. I feel really bad saying that, but it helped my companion and I realize how well were are actually doing for only have been here for a week and a half at that time. I have definitely seen a growth in my teaching abilities and how to bring the spirit into a lesson. In Preach My Gospel, "How to Begin Teaching" is the key to success in any lesson.

Remember Daniel from my last email? Well my companion and I finally had a major break through with him! We were asking around to anyone else that has taught him or who knows him a little better than we did. The TRC instructor told us that he wont share anything until he is loved. My companion and I didn't teach him anything accept talk about his relationship with God and we shared lots of personal experience that helped him with a lot of personal/family struggled he is faced with. We simply listened. We also apologized for anyway the we may have offended him and for our lack of care. I loved Daniel with all of my heart and did all that I could to listen to his concerns and just love him. We asked if we could have a prayer with him before we left. My companion and I both knelt and I offered the prayer. I prayed to bless himwith strength and help throughout these struggles and afterwards I could tell he was really touched by our love for him! It was a major success for us. My comp and I high fived after that lesson haha!

I have been playing my violin almost every night before we go to bed. All the other missionaries will gather around and listen and name songs for me to play. It is so much fun and everyone else says that they love hearing me play because it helps them relax after a hard day. I have been playing Lord of the Rings, Halo, and whole bunch of other random theme songs that they will sing to me and I will play it back to them. They all love it. I will trying out to play on Sunday at our big Mission Conference and will also probably play on Sunday during Sacrament meeting.

My Preparation Days consist of me writing emails, taking a nap, going to the temple, and doing lots of laundry. At the end of the day we have a General Authority devotional which are very uplifting!

I leave December 3rd next Monday! I will fly out from SLC at 6:55, I have to report to the travel office in the MTC at 3AM! I am going to be dead tired.

Love you guys. Thanks for all your love and support! I loved that package you sent me Mom. It really brightened my day a ton!


Elder Hooper

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