Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 14 NYNYS

I will hit my 4 month mark on the 14th! Time sure does fly by.

This week went by really quick! We were very busy with various tasks and such. First off I just want to say how much I dislike Daylight Savings! Being from Arizona I have never experienced this change before. Saturday morning I wake up at the normal 6:30am with the sun nice and bright, then Sunday morning I wake up at 6:30am (which technically was 5:30am that morning) and there was no sun. My mind was so confused and I was like... what just happened!? Then I realized it was daylight savings! I was so thrown off all day. Arizona is so smart not to have adopted this.

So on Tuesday I went on an exchange with another Elder in my district and we went around our church to talk to people and invite them to tour our church building. After so much discouragement and some rude people, I was basically giving up and praying that I am just "done" with this. Then the next person I talk to comes into the church with me! We gave him a Book of Mormon and showed him the baptismal font. Then I go back outside, talked to some more people and no luck. I then got slightly discouraged again, then I talked to a couple and asked them if they would want to come tour our church building. They said they were busy since they were preparing a funeral and such. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to share the Plan of Salvation. It was a great discussion and I felt the spirit very strong and knew they also did. They are a great couple and have young son as well. It was really cool. We will hopefully be able to meet with them this week.

We were also able to meet with Edwin and his son Edwin again last week. It was a great lesson. I really love the two of them. They have very strong faith and they are doing all they can to live in accordance to the gospel of Jesus Christ and have committed to be baptized on March 31st! We also are teaching a nice Portuguese lady named Paula. She also is making progress and it is really cool seeing her faith and desire increase every time we meet with her. She is a wonderful lady and fits in perfectly with many of the other sisters in the branch.

My district is still doing very well and we have 4 baptisms coming up this month, and hopefully a few more commits coming soon. It is great to see so many people being prepared by the Lord to follow Him into the waters of baptism and make a covenant with Him!

So for our Sunday dinner, I really wanted to have a "normal Arizona" dinner, so my companion and I cooked up some pork chops, made some mashed potatoes, and had some seasoned carrots! It was a delicious Sunday feast! Along with an Arizona dinner, we have been having some Arizona like weather! It is so nice. We haven't seen the sun too much lately, but these past few days have been warm and sunny. It is so nice to once again feel the burn of the sun.

Well that is a short summary of my week. I am now off to watch "The Other Side of Heaven" with my Zone for our Zone Activity! I am excited. Talk to you next week.


Elder Hooper

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