Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 38 NYNYS, Transfer #7 Begins

So right now I am watching my skin just turn darker shades of red. I got fried down in Coney Island today as I was playing rugby on the beach with some other missionaries. Playing with the Tongans and Hawaiians is pretty scary!

It has been a slow week for Elder Tuiaki and I. Lots of our lessons canceled and such. It is finally starting to cool down too! So for some funny stories first:

While on exchanges with my Zone Leader, we saw this homeless guy totally knocked out on a bus bench with his body all sprung out and his mouth wide open. It was the funniest thing ever! I wanted to take a picture, but that would've looked kind of bad. 

During that same day, we also ran into several really crazy people. One of them was a 50 year old really tall black man who was trying to explain to us that the Holy Bible means "He Only Loves You, Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth". He was yelling swinging his finger at us while spit flew from his mouth. We then started to introduce him to the Book of Mormon and he pulled the Revelation card on us so then we said that God wouldn't limit His word, then the guy was like yea I totally agree that God would not limit his word to one book! We were like... exactly. Then another guy came up during that conversation saying how he believed completely in Christ, but denies God. It was just a mess! However, it was hilarious to see all the people that would walk by just staring at these crazy guys.

We have been going down to the ferry and setting up a table and doing different things like, a Family History street sweep, and also a "What Do the Mormon's Believe" street sweep. We also happened to do one street sweep there during the Staten Island carnival. We had lots of people talk to us and we had a good time, until we were told we had to leave, since we didn't pay for a permit. 

We helped a lady move out of her house last week, and she just unloaded her pantry into bags and gave everything to us! We have so many cans of food and pasta with tomato sauce. It is insane how much food we have! I didn't even buy anything for this week's groceries. I think we have a year supply so if another hurricane hits we are set!

Yesterday during fast and testimony meeting, all the members seemed to talk about missionary work and how much the missionaries in the ward mean to the members and how they want to share with their friends. It was so great to see how much the ward is ready to do missionary work. I had some inspiration to start planning around the members and stopping by for a few minutes, pray, and doing our work around them. 

Right now, the one solid family we are teaching has been having some health problems with one of their mothers in Brooklyn so we haven't been able to meet with them. We are also going to be teaching Brother Pen, Myunbo, and Tsubon's mom in the next few days too! #togetherforever. We also have still been in contact with our Sri Lankan friends and got 6 Sinhalese Book of Mormons for them. We have so many other people we are working with, but we are still trying to find the one who is ready- really ready to take the first step to unlock the full power of the Atonement.

I just want to let you all know how much I love my Heavenly Father. Through these 9 months on my mission. I have been instructed and refined by Him. I have learned lessons that have completely changed who I am (for the better of course). I know the priesthood authority has truly been restored and the true gospel was restored though God's prophet Joseph Smith. I know that Jesus Christ lives and it is only through Him that we can find lasting peace and comfort in this life. Not only does this church make logical sense to me, I just love it. It is awesome! 

Have a great week everyone!


Elder Hooper

P.S. We talked to the crazy dancing lady we saw last week :D

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