Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 43 NYNYS, 10 Months!

Elder Tuiaki and I had a great week! We either hit or surpassed our goals and have many good things lying store for us this week. We taught a family of four on Monday who we met playing sports at the park with kids and they seemed to like what we taught, but I am not so sure if the husband, Glen, was very interested. They are hard to get in contact with, but we will keep trying. On my exchange with Elder Eggleston, we found a golden family! We knocked into her and I basically just said "Satan is attacking our families and we want to help you overcome this. Will you allow us to show you how?" And the woman at the door, Elisa, said sure since Satan has been attacking her family! We talked with her on the porch and gave her some reading material and wanted us to come back with her husband home. She has two kids. They would be a golden family if we can get in touch with them again. 

On Wednesday we also did an activity at the ferry with our district giving out free lemonade. It was awesome! Of course everyone loves free lemonade. We got several phone numbers and we got an investigator from it too. His name is Frank and he is Seventh Day Adventist. The only issue he said he has is worshipping the Sabbath on Sunday. He totally believes that God could call another prophet today. We are meeting with him this week.

We also taught Demetrio and Magdalen twice last week, and Magdalen and her two kids came to church! We were so excited about that! They both have been reading some of the  Book of Mormon and really enjoy it and feel the power and strength it gives them.

The members are just awesome out here! We have 6 members signed up to come teaching with us this week! I love this ward so much. They have a lot of trust in us in basically everything. Having members of the ward and the ward council so involved in the work here is fantastic!

We have lots of great things going on in our pool and a baptism will surely come next transfer.

Oh and we are working with a members who really wants to come back and receive his endowments and wants our help to get there! Woohoo!

As I am sure most of you have seen the video, I did play my violin in church last Sunday. It was really good! There was such a strong spirit that was present during and after the musical number. Everyone loved it. It also happened to be like the best Sunday ever since Magdalen and her kids came to church and we had an awesome pot luck lunch right afterwards too with some awesome food. It was a really good activity.

So Elder Tuiaki and I had a little brain fart after church too. I was backing him up out of the parking spot and both of us I feel have been getting pretty lazy/feeling invincible with someone backing us up. Nothin bad happened, but Elder Tuiaki totally scratched the bottom of the bumber and backed into a bush. A member saw and was like "Dang, we will wait for you guys to leave the parking lot so we can leave unharmed. It was kind of funny.

We sang hymns and such again at the ferry and it went well. So well that a drunk guy came up to us and started to pretened to conduct us. Most of us had to stop singing as we were cracking up.

The weather is getting so nice! It has been 65 degrees in the morning and in the high 70s in the afternooon.

This week is the last week of the transfer. I would be very surprised to get trasnferred, but there is a really good chance Elder Tuiaki will probably leave since he has been here for 7 months. We will find out on Saturday!

Well, I love you all very much! Have a great week.


Elder Hooper

My zone at Coney Island

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