Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 102, 2 weeks left - More families who are ready

This was a pretty fun week! There aren't very many stories this week, but hopefully I can make up for that with videos and pictures.

We had our branch Halloween party on Saturday. We set up different rooms in the church for the kids to go trick-or-treating in with activities set up for fun. The missionaries' room had tons of ghosts hanging from the ceiling (this idea came from my mom and hanging homemade ghosts on the trees with bags and newspaper) and we had donuts bouncing from strings for the kids to try and snag with their mouths (video will explain). Overall it was fun. What made it even better is that a part-member family came that we met with just a few hours before the party. They are so ready to be baptized! They moved here from Coney Island a year or so ago, but didn't know where the church was so they stopped coming. The kids committed to be baptized and the dad committed to receive the priesthood to baptize them. We talked about the party and they asked if they could go too! It was fun having them there. Another guy I talked to on the street came too.

We also met with a 21 year old young man who is so pure in heart! He has a friend in Utah who introduced him to the missionaries. He has a had a difficult life living in Brownsville and desperately needs a change. I saw in him a righteous, strong priesthood holder. He is probably the most prepared person I have ever taught. He was thanking us so much for coming to visit him and give him the scriptures he requested. He messaged us again last night saying he feels this is going to help him a lot in his search for the peace! He is awesome.
There are so many miracles happening here in Bushwick. I am excited for this area to continue to grow after I leave.

Just 2 weeks left! How crazy is that. I am very excited! This has been an awesome journey.


Elder Hooper

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