Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 6 NYNYS

My first transfer in Bushwick just ended today! These six weeks went by incredibly fast! All the days seem to mush together. Thank you to all that have written to me this week. I loved all your letters and will plan on writing you all back today.

I am not getting transferred. I will still be here in Bushwick. I am very glad about this because our branch is getting stronger and more unified. With the new branch presidency, the branch is getting more excited about activities and our meetings are very spiritual. They have been better than most meetings I have ever been to! (maybe because I am a missionary?) Next Sunday, we are having a missionary theme in all the meetings. All the missionaries will be speaking during sacrament meeting about how important member missionary work is crucial for building the branch and helping us missionaries teach more lessons. I will also be playing O My Father with my violin and with one of our investigators playing the cello (she is super good!). Then following the meeting, we are having two baptisms still! It is going to be a great Sunday. I really think that with this meeting and with the branch party, we will see more success.

Also this week, we met a family who requested the missionaries over We were able to meet them and they are really cool! They seemed very interested. We then came back and taught a mini lesson with one member of the family and invited her to church. Hopefully we will be able to teach them again soon. They are a very close family and they love each other very much! I know that the gospel can really help unite their family even more and most importantly, live together forever!

I wish I would have taken pictures of this, but we have been trying to come up with unique finding ideas to help people get familiar with us. We took our table down into the subway and played Jenga and chess with people waiting for the subways to come. A lot of people thought we were crazy, but once one person would finally stop and pull a wood piece out of the Jenga tower, people would stop, chuckle, and even play with us. We had many people take pictures of us and a few discussions were had too. I thought it was pretty successful. It would be even better if we had two game tables set up!

So funny story (well actually kind of an embarrassing story in a way). We were on the G train and we got lost multiple times (I was on exchanges and I was leading the way and we went to an area I have never been to before) and these two people came on the train that were signing to each other. I signed to them and asked if they were deaf. They said they were and then starting signing 100mph at me and I had no idea what they were saying I asked them to slow down so I could understand them, then one of them basically just gave me a "nevermind I am not going to try to talk to you because you dont understand me" sign. It was slightly depressing! But don't worry, I told them what church we were from :).

The members are starting to get more comfortable with us and we are having some dinner appointments too! Last night we even got fed a four course meal of Caribbean food! It was delicious.

Hopefully I will be able to share some of our more spiritual moments with investigators when we have some more lessons scheduled. People are very busy here and aren't able to meet with us consistently. I am still doing well and wish you all the best!


Elder Hooper

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