Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Week 7 NYNYS

Hey everybody!

This week has just been crazy. I moved apartments this week. I was living in a four man apartment and now my companion and I were able to get our own apartment since they closed one of the Spanish pools. My new address is 680 Metropolitan Ave. Apt 2R Brooklyn, NY 11211. It has taken a few days to clean out the apartment (the previous Elders were pretty messy) and then a while to move in and unpack. The apartment is much bigger and is convenient for us because it is right in the middle of our area and we are next to two trains that we use frequently.

So I am going to start off with a super funny story! A little embarrassing to. So, in my previous pad we had some issues with a mouse since December and it finally appeared the day before we moved. I walked inside at the end of our day and the other Elders had to oven all out and pulled apart (apparently thats where he has been hiding). We smacked the oven and out comes the mouse (who we called Gadianton) and he ran behind the fridge and I just let out this blood curdling scream because it freaked me out. Then Elder Broadbent scared the mouse out of the back of the fridge and it runs out and I am screaming again and I run into the bathroom and close the door, but then I saw that Gadianton ran in with me so I swing open the door screaming my head off and run in the other room. Then we scared it out of the bathroom again and it starts running towards me again so I am screaming some more and finally he was stopped by Elder Finlinson! Scariest moment of my life by far! Five minutes later, our downstairs neighbor texts us to ask if we are home. We then said yes and that we were having some mouse hunting issues. She was laughing because her and her neighbor thought there was someone dieing upstairs! It was pretty funny I have to admit.

A few of us missionaries spoke in church this Sunday. I spoke on D&C 4:1-2. It went really well and people enjoyed it. It was all about just serving the best we can in all our callings in the church. I also played "O My Father" on my violin with a piano accompanying me. I had a few people in tears afterwards (which is my goal- to have others be uplifted by the spirit as I play). It was a really good sacrament meeting for me personally, and as well as the other members of the branch.

We have met with a few people while tracting this week that we are meeting with soon. We are still struggling to get people to come to church. We will extend a short powerful invitation about how church is such an important part of coming to understand the truths of the gospel for ourselves, but people still aren't coming. We are hoping that we will have an investigator or two come this week.

There have been a few things that have been going on lately and also some things that I felt before I had my mission call helping me to know that this mission and the area I am serving, is exactly where the Lord needs me to be. Being called to New York, in the New York South mission was, without a doubt, an inspired call from God. There are certain people that I feel only I can understand completely and bring them to the true knowledge of their Savior, Jesus Christ and His Atonement.

Last night, we had two convert baptisms in our district. It was so much fun to see the other companionships teach people and lead them to the waters of baptism and help them start their journey on the straight and narrow path towards the temple. I am sure that my companion and I will be able to help someone make this covenant in the near future.

Thank you for all your prayers and support, and letters of course!


Elder Hooper

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