Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 25 NYNYS

We went to the temple on Thursday! It was so nice to be there! I really miss going to the temple whenever I felt like going. The temple is probably the one thing I really miss from home, besides my family of course! All the missionaries in our district went with all of the recent converts we have taught and also a few others from the branch. It was a blast! I was able to perform the baptisms and do the confirmations for many of them which was a blast. I love participating in these ordinances for the dead. It was one of my favorite things to do. Before going to the temple, I just felt so overwhelmed with a lot of things that my companion and I needed to take care of, but once inside the temple, I had no worries at all. I just felt at peace and happier than ever! Even Matt said that he was worrying about work before he came and he said that inside he wasn't worries about anything! I really hope to be able to go again soon!

It has been a rather slow week for us! We were only able to teach one lesson and we usually average around 3 lessons per week. We did however have a baptism that we went to for a young woman in the branch. She has been waiting for four years to be baptized since she didn't parent approval. It was one a of the best baptismal services I have been to. There was such a strong spirit present and her parents were both there to support her (her mom is a member, but her dad is not). A lot of her family members came who are not members. At the baptism I had the chance to play my violin with Shushig singing (the sister of the girl getting baptized) and Elder Kang accompanying us on the piano of I Know That My Redeemer Lives. It was a really powerful song!

So I have a new Family Home Evening idea that I think you will all enjoy! Elder Lewis and I were trying to find something fun for a family of the branch that we were going to have dinner with that night. My companion had a FHE book that his mom sent him and we found this awesome picture of Goliath. You talk about the story of David and Goliath and then think of some of the Goliaths that you and your family have. Then on your big blown up picture of Goliath you tape on struggles to him and crumble up some paper and make balls and slay the Goliath on the wall! It is so much fun! We went to Staples and had a really big Goliath printed for us. It was pretty fun and it helped us talk about some ways we can overcome our Goliaths on a more serious note beforehand.

I also had the privilege of playing my violin in sacrament meeting on Sunday. I made an arrangement of Love One Another and Love at Home. It was really good! Everyone really enjoyed it and it brought in a special spirit to the fast and testimony meeting. We had a young woman named Lia and her son come to church with us as well. Her son was pretty nervous so before we went into the first meeting, we took them on a tour of the church to help calm her son down. We went into the primary room/baptismal font room and she was saying how she just feels so peaceful in this church! She really enjoyed church and said she would be back next week.

I really enjoy being here! Many people out here think I am crazy for loving it so much since I am really poor and work 16 hour days everyday and can't even go out into the city! This work is so rewarding and really fun! I am starting to enjoy talking with people along the street and enjoying their company as I introduce them to the gospel message. I know this is short again this week, but it was a pretty slow week with not a lot of details!

I love you all so much! I have go since I am headed to Downtown Brooklyn to go eat at Grimaldi's Pizza and see the Brooklyn Bridge (I know, poor me :D).

Mom, Dad, Kaitlyn, Connor, Jenna, Alex guess what! I will be Skyping you guys on Sunday! "See" you then.


Elder Hooper

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