Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 27 NYNYS

Hey Everybody! I am going to a NY Mets game on Wednesday with my zone! I am so excited.

We had another slow week. We are struggling to find people to teach. We have one progressing investigator, Dez, who is still doing really well! We have been teaching him in a members home lately and the lessons go so much better since the environment is a more spiritual nature and the member is also more comfortable and in charge. It has been a very big part of our teaching. Our last lesson with him was awesome! I really tried to listen to the spirit as I was teaching him. I had so many inspiring thoughts that he needed. I felt like the sons of Mosiah knowing the thoughts the people they were teaching. He was saying that he thinks the Book of Mormon is true logically. I had a distinct thought that he needed to pray about the BoM and he will receive and answer from God. Right before I was going to tell him this, he then said that he hadn't prayed yet. I knew that the Lord was inspiring me for him. He also asked if we could possibly pray as a group and ask if the BoM is true and right before he said that I felt impressed that that is what we should do too! It was incredible. There were multiple other impressions that I felt for him too. It was really cool to be the Lord's instrument at that time.

Lately we have been doing a lot of fun activities in the community since we are trying to "bring the church out of obscurity" and become a community church. We now have weekly Family Fun Nights where we will play lots of boardgames and ping pong and such one Thursday and the next have a Movie Night and watch Disney movies (now approved for us woohoo!). As a district we went out along the streets of the church and cleaned up all the garbage (there was a ton! NY is filthy) and many people actually stopped us and asked why we were doing this. We also have been writing a lot of Questions of the Soul in chalk on the ground. We chalked half of the side walk along many busy train stops. My companion also came up with a really cool idea to play Jeopardy on the streets. We came up with a bunch of bible questions and created a Jeopardy game on the big rolling chalkboard in the church. People really liked it and it opened up good gospel discussions. We also played games, chess, checkers, and Connect 4 at the train stations too. There was one lady that came to play who had a snake wrapped around her neck! Freaked me out man! Also had a slight bible bash with a man that was trying to prove to me that marriage ends no matter what, it was fun!

We had an awesome Mega Zone Conference last Saturday with Elder Koelliker of the First Quorum of the Seventy. I could definitely feel his General Authority mantle as I shook his hand. He is a really smart guy. He talked a lot about the temple and how it is our responsibility to make sure that our recent converts get there. Here are a few quotes I liked: "Don't trifle with sacred things", "Will you walk with me" (this one was my personal favorite). He talked a lot about how important it is for us to teach our investigators how to properly pray. If they don't have a connection with God, they are never going to know for themselves the truth and be able to withstand the evil influences that will come as Satan tries to deceive them from the path.

We also had Stake Conference on Sunday which was excellent! Just what we needed to hear.

It has been a pretty good week! Elder Lewis and I fasted on Sunday to gain a stronger desire to find people and also to be able to find someone. So far we have already set up two lessons and got a referral. We are doing the best that we can to find people to teach and to serve.

So a little side note, my district has been into a card game called Magic. They have a big Magic card store by the church and I am hooked on it! It is so much fun! I feel like a total nerd, but it is so fun. On our spare time we play and make new decks. :P

I am doing very well! Still loving my area and pulling strong. I hope to hear from you this week! Love you guys.

Elder Hooper
NYNYS 2012-14

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