Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 31 NYNYS, The end of transfer number 5

Hello from NYC!

It has been a trying week for me! Williamsburg and Greenpoint where I proselyte is probably one of the more difficult areas to work in. Everyone is young and into the ways of the world, fashion, "hipsterism", etc. We have been coming across lots of false doctrine and other things from people that are just confusing my mind! There is however one thing I am sure on, and that is that Joseph Smith really was a true prophet and through him the church, the priesthood keys, and another witness of Jesus Christ was restored. I know that the Savior lives as well. I have felt his redeeming and forgiving power of the Atonement multiple times in my life and I cannot deny it.

Last week, I had an awesome opportunity to go to the family history center in downtown Brooklyn to learn some of the basics of beginning on family history. I learned a lot about how to get started and once you have gotten the basics filled out how to move on after that. I felt really close to my family members as I was doing some research on the Pollmann side of my family. I sure do love family history.

We have had some crazy rain storms out here lately. I bought a decently cheap umbrella and it lasted for a while until a gale force wind inverted it and snapped the metal pieces that hold the fabric together. It was still intact enough that it covered in my head, but than another gale force wind hit us and the umbrella shaft snapped. I just Hulk-smashed it on the ground a few times and tossed it in the garbage and got soaked :D. I went out and bought a fancy umbrella from staples that is made of fiber-glass and has a vented canopy for wind. Bring it on rain!

Elder Lewis and I are pro-status at handball right now. We have played a few nights with some younger guys out at the park and we basically rock. Two guys with shirt, ties, and dress shoes destroying people. It is fun. We are starting to become part of the handball community since we see and play a lot of the same people.

My companion and I taught Gospel Doctrine on Sunday. I think it went really well. People were very appreciative to what we discussed. We created a scenario of a person named "Jerry" who is active in the church, reads, prays, has a good family, etc and just feels like he is lacking spiritually. We discussed as a class what we could do to help Jerry, who is really all members of the church at times. We made this lesson as an opportunity to have the branch members help each other strengthen themselves without them really realizing it! Many people were taking notes and thanked us at the end. I love to teach classes!

This next week is looking pretty promising as we do have appointments with people to teach, which I am very excited for. Not teaching people is pretty disappointing!

Oh yea! We discovered that the roof of our apartment has an awesome view of Manhattan! I tried to take some pictures, but so far none of them turned out right. It has been so nice out at night that we will spend some time on our roof before we go to bed and look up at the 12 stars that we can see (kind of sad right? 12 stars is all I counted).

Transfer calls are this week, so next Monday I will let you all know if I am getting transfered or not.

Happy Fathers Day, Happy Birthday to Kaitlyn and Grandma Hooper, and Happy Birthday to my awesome Mom on the 18th! I love you guys so much!

Elder Hooper

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