Monday, June 24, 2013


Transfer number 6 here I come. I am being transferred! I have no clue where yet, but I will find out who my companion is and where I will be going tomorrow in our big transfer meeting. All the missionaries who are being involved in transfers will gather at the mission office and start listing off new companionships and areas. It is a very intense meeting full of laughter and excitement. It is especially fun to see the reactions of everyone. There are always "ooooohs" and "ohhs"! Its fun. Next Monday I will let you know where I will be.

I was really hard to say goodbyes to so many people I love in the Bushwick 1st Branch. There are so many members that I grew close too. I took lots of pictures, but I forgot my camera cord so I will have to send them next Monday. I also had a really cool opportunity to interpret for a deaf lady that came to our sacrament meeting. She is trying to decide whether or not to go to our branch or the deaf branch due to commute issues. I did an alright job, but she said that I did pretty good job for my first time. I also had the chance to bear my testimony on last time and I even added some sign language in there for her too! The branch had no idea that I knew sign language. They saw me interpreting and came up to me and said "you play the violin, you are awesome, and you know sign language! What else can you do that we don't know about?" I got a kick out of that.

Although I won't be in this area to continue this event, I contacted the New York Blood Center and started a blood drive at the church in our area. I was really excited about doing this! I think it will bring people into the church building that would never have come any other way. People are quite interested in donating blood and the NYBC is so excited to work with us since they have hardly any people to sponsor blood drives in Brooklyn. They also are going to give us two free Mets tickets for everyone that comes to donate blood for a summer 2013 game. Hopefully Elder Lewis will be able to take over this event now that I won't be there for it.

So a few days ago, we helped a family move to Seattle (that is going to be a long drive!). Their daughter was being so funny. She had a squirt gun and was shooting us and then soon the water fight began. Once the daughter got pretty wet, she came out with a cup of water and just threw it and Elder Finlinson and soaked him! It only escalated soon to everyone getting wet except me and Elder Lewis. We hid next to Grandma which was the safe zone, until she launched a cup of water at me which I used my ninja, jedi, matrix skills to dodge and it partially hit the Grandma! It finally came to an end with the daughter completely soaked head to toe and then the daughter with a full cup of water saying "we aren't finished yet, he isn't wet yet" then immediately splashed Elder Kang totally soaking him! It was hilarious!

Ahh! So Crazy-Ann found me the other day. She is a lady that all the missionaries try to avoid because she is a little crazy. I saw her in the bodega and I just dropped my head and walked away, but she chased me down and kissed me on the cheek and tried to make me give her a blessing right there on the street. She scares me man! Don't worry, I survived.

Well I have to get going and start packing and stuff. I love you all so much! If you plan on sending any mail this week just send it to the mission office address and they will get it to me. Thanks for all your support and the package Uncle Kirk!


Elder Hooper
NYNYS Mission Office
85-69 60th Dr.
Elmhurst, NY 11373

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