Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week 36 NYNYS

We went to a Staten Island Yankee (Minor League Baseball) game in the morning of our P-Day which was a lot of fun. Of course I watched the umpires again and they were pretty good! We almost had a ball hit too us to. We then played some volleyball in Brooklyn with some other missionaries and yes, I dominated.

Anyway, we had a baptism on Sunday! Tsubon and Myunbo were baptized and confirmed members of the church. Their dad baptized them and then I confirmed Tsubon and my companion confirmed Myunbo. It was a great baptismal service. Tsubon played Teach Me to Walk in the Light as the musical number and only played the top hand a nd made a few mistakes, but it was good. I guess he had to redeem himself when he asked to play one more musical number at the end and he played the Fur Elise perfectly!

We also taught a Sri Lankan family that I found by the ferry and they have no Christian background and were Buddhist. We and the sister missionaries have been tag team teaching them since Chooti has his wife and two daughters. It has been going very well. Chooti has been calling us and asking when we can come which has been exciting and it is keeping us on our toes. I think they don't completely understand everything that they are learning, but I can tell they feel the spirit and want to do what we ask them too. I could tell in their eyes that when we taught them to pray and asked them to pray to find out for themselves if God was really there and if Jesus Christ really was the Savior, they felt the spirit telling them that that was something they should do. They are great! Chooti even came to church as well and really enjoyed it!

We also have been in contact with several people from Sri Lanka that are genuinely interested in the gospel. They are even referring their friends to us too! People from Sri Lanka are such warm and kind people.

So as we were driving to the library we got into a small accident. All of the cars stopped suddenly and the guy behind me slammed into the back my companion and I. It was a pretty hard hit and scared me to death! The guy that hit me just drove off and I was like... nope! So I pretended I was in fast a furious and chased him down (it wasn't really that crazy though). The car is totally fine and we are too except I jammed my thumb really bad on the steering wheel and now I can't move it, but I should be alright in a few days. It was an interesting experience that I do not want to have again. I am going to drive even more cautiously to try and prevent that from happening again.

It has been extremely hot over here. It has been in the low 100's and high 90's with insanely high humidity. You walk outside and you are immediately drenched in sweat. It is awful. So humid that we can't even see Manhattan anymore.

So many good things are happening in Staten Island! Elder Tuiaki and I have already hit our transfer and 3 month goal for baptisms and we are hitting almost every goal for lessons and such and there is still so much to do and so many other routes that are open for us to take.

I know that there is not a lot of details of the more important things. I forgot my journal and I have to cram this email in since today is not my P-Day. I will send pics of the baptism next week!

Elder Hooper

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