Friday, January 3, 2014

Week 59, Holiday Week.

Christmas was great! We had lots of fun being together as a district and also being so well taken care of and loved by the members in the Staten Island 1st Ward. We Christmas lunch at the Saulong's, and Christmas dinner at the Bishop's house where we also skyped home. It was great to see my family face to face/computer! We had a nice Christmas basketball tournament with the ward that night as well. That morning during our studies, we called up the other Elders below us and we studied from Luke 2 while watching the coordinating bible videos which was awesome! My favorite part though is when the angel comes says "Peace on Earth, good will toward men" because I read that in the tune of Far, Far Away on Judea's Plain :D.

Donald Meehallage is getting the priesthood next Sunday! We are so excited for him and I think he is way more excited than us. He also can't wait to go to the temple. Donald is an amazing man. I wish you all could meet him. He is so pure in heart, he loves everyone, and he always has a smile on his face. He is going to love going to the temple in 2 weeks.

While on an exchange, I had the opportunity to teach a young man in Denmark over Skype! It was awesome! This young man stayed at Elder Liston's home for a few months as an exchange student where he was introduced to the Gospel. He is very open and knows a lot about the church. In his closing prayer he ask God to bless us with a good evening, paused for a second and then said, morning, afternoon, or wherever we are! It was funny. We had people on Skype at that moment in Utah (8am), Staten Island (11am), and Denmark (6pm)!

Eugene, a man Elder Legere and I have been teaching, is doing really well. We talked about his relationship with God and how to develop it. We also committed him to ask his manager to have Sundays off. He was a bit hesitant as his manager is pretty mean. I explained that I once had a pretty crazy manager as well, but did it. He said he would do it. The next morning we got a text saying that he asked his manager and she agreed to allow him to have Sundays off! I was so happy to hear that! He is going to progress so much faster now. He is about 25 years old and is just a great guy. Eugene and I have many similar challenges so we help each other a lot.

Our Mission Christmas Eve Concert was awesome! It was so much fun listening to all the other missionaries give musical numbers. Our's got a lot of feedback. We have a pretty talented zone with lots of musicians. Elder Liston and I played a medley of a few Christmas songs,(which I am waiting to be sent the video of) at the Narrated part and it was great, thanks to my Grandma Hooper. There was a very strong spirit present during the whole concert. I was so pumped up after it- just wanted to baptize everyone! Just kidding, but really.

Well I have to get going now. We are going to do some late Christmas shopping. My watch broke so that is what I will be on the hunt for!

Happy New Years!


Elder Hooper

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