Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 61, 14 months!

Hey there everyone! I hope you have had a wonderful week. I know I have. Elder Legere and I didn't have our car for a few days as it need to have a few belts replaced. It was fun planning around that :P.

So after church we taught Walter again with Carlos. It was soooo good! He asked us who answers our prayers, God or Jesus. As I was trying to find scriptures and things to say I just felt I need to listen for the Holy Ghost. I stopped opened my mind and immediately Luke 11 came to mind, talking about God giving good gifts, James 1:5, and another scripture regarding the Holy Ghost answering our prayer came to my mind. I told him that God answers his prayers, but sometimes he uses His Son or the Holy Ghost or even another person around you to give the answer. It was cool to be taught by the spirit right there on the spot for me to teach that to Walter!

We had the chance to do some service for a neighbor down the street from us. We had a few members from the Elder's Quorum come help us as well. There was a lot of stuff and it was all going to a storage unit. After we unloaded the truck, we went back to help get the piano, which was so heavy! We get the piano up the ramp and instead of the ramp being secured level with the truck bed it was hanging below it and I was pulling the piano and trip backwards into the truck with my foot under the piano which got squished between the truck and the piano. I was just like aahhh! Stop! I was alright, but my toe was throbbing. It was a fun journal entry of course.

We taught Donald first about the importance of temple work and the ordinances that we preform there focusing more on baptism and confirmations since that is what we will be doing with him on Saturday!! He just totally understood it all. He was absolutely amazed and so excited to seal his parents. The Holy Ghost truly taught him about the Plan of Salvation. It was amazing to be apart of it. We then had planned to teach his family the same thing so we had Donald teach most of it, but, before we could really clarify anything, their internet got interrupted by some construction going on near their home so we just had to end it. From what we have heard, the Meehallage family is enjoying our discussions.

We had a young couple come to church yesterday! The wife is a member and the husband is not yet. We found her while she was working at a rehab center and she was like "hey, are you guys Mormon?" I was like you got it! We found out she was a member a baptized not too long ago in Brooklyn, but now lives here in Staten Island. She is so nice and her husband is really cool too! We are excited to visit with them this week.

Well I know that there is a ton of things in this letter as I have to go now! We are going to the Statue of Liberty! I will take lots of pictures!

Oh, so this a missionary parody of Ice Ice Baby that I am working on. This is what I have so far:

Alright Stop. Listen to our message. Sit down and read this passage.

All things, are gonna be restored.... and that is all I have so far. We are going to be making a missionary video with it :P
Gotta Go!

Elder Hooper
 Teaching Family History

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