Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 63, You're Jamaican me hungry!

I am in Jamaica, Queens! I am still a city boy! I have been in every
borough in our mission now- Brooklyn, Staten Island, now Queens. I
have been to Manhattan and now I have to figure out how to get to the
Bronx! My new companion is Elder Busby and like my last companion, he
is also from Las Vegas, NV. He is a very strong missionary and works
hard and gets the job done right. I have enjoyed being with him and we
also have some fun things planned for our zone to help them increase
their faith to find new people to teach. We are in the process of
making a video of recent converts sharing their testimonies, how
missionaries found them, giving a few words of encouragement. Our zone
is having a difficult time finding people to teach and we have a SoE
of 20 new investigators per companionship per transfer. So that is 280
new investigators at the end of the transfer for our zone so we are
doing our best to hit that! Videos, graphs and more!

I have also been seeing some miracles of my own on Facebook! I have
joined a few bible study groups and I post some inspirational
scriptures or quotes and people have enjoyed them and comment on them!
I then respond to them and if they continue to reply I message them
personally and invite them to skype. So far in just a week I have
found 2 new investigators over online proselyting! I went on my first
zone leader exchange with District Leader Elder Bush, a Spanish
speaking Elder in Jamaica. We had an awesome miracle this evening too!
So we got back home at 8:50pm and since we knew that we must be
obedient and be home at 9pm and not before, we prayed and asked God
through our faith that we would find someone to teach during the next
ten minutes. We went out and knocked on a few doors and the first one
was a nice lady who wasn't too interested and the second was the
miracle. We noticed that Elder Bush's neighbor didn't shovel their
snow so we offered our services. Later on during the snow shoveling,
the man comes out of his house and says that he would like to learn
more about our theology! I was just like, wow, God truly did hear our
prayer and because we were obedient, we found someone to teach.

I remember when I was back in Bushwick and I was hungry all the time.
I went to Staten Island and I wasn't hungry very often. Now I am back
in a walking area and I am starving all the time again! All the
smells, walking all day, it is killing me.

My apartment is smaller than my previous one, but it is still pretty
nice. We have a balcony! Unfortunately, is soooo cold that I can
survive for on,y 10seconds out there. It has been snowing all week
basically and it is be 10 degrees frequently with strong wind. It is
not fun.

I know that this is where the Lord wants me to be- right here in
Queens. I have a great company. I love the missionaries that I preside
over and I love my mission. I love being a missionary!


Elder Hooper!

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