Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 64, Popcorn popping right before...'wait, is that all snow'?"

On Sunday, the snow finally all melted and it was a warm again! It was so nice not to be all bundled up and having wet feet. I woke up this morning and "looked out the window and what did I see? Popcorn popping right before...'wait, is that all snow'?" More snow and more cold! This was so 3 days ago. It is all good though.

On Friday we had interviews with President and it was cool having 2 interviews, one with myself and Elder Busby as we talked about our zone, and then the second with just me. We got a lot of president that day. He is really stressing the importance of priesthood keys and the importance of not crossing them. After president interviews we had the assistants give a quick workshop for iPad usage and they were using apple tv which is sweet! We all were mirroring our iPads with it during it. So Elder Busby and I went in the room above them to do weekly planning and I saw that the apple tv was still accessible to my iPad. I couldn't resist so I hijacked the assistants apple tv during their workshop and "took a picture of Elder Busby and I with crazy faces and put it up on the screen. The assistants enjoyed that haha!

My companion and I are doing really well. We have found many new investigators and are teaching lots if people. Two guys named Hassan and Jeff are progressing towards baptism! We have found 6 new investigators so far together which is really good for us. We are also having some fun putting together an awesome zone meeting on Wednesday. Our zone is struggling with finding new investigators so we are creating a Vision, Goals, and Plans chart, and a video clip I have been putting together of converts' testimonies, some words of encouragement and how missionaries found them. The assistants are also videoing themselves giving a quick work shop on some mission goals as well. We have been working on all this for about a week now. I am excited for the cake we are making too. We are trying to help the zone see how having a good study in the morning helps you have a stronger desire to share the gospel, especially when it is centered on the Restoration. Having an awesome studying makes you want to share it, just like eating a delicious piece of dessert and you want someone else to enjoy it with you!

Sorry this letter is short. I am running really low on time. We went mass clothes and food shopping so we are running super behind! Elder Busby and I have nice matching socks and ties now :P.

Elder Hooper
Me beating my compainon in a slide race!

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