Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 67, It was warm!

Hallelujah, it was finally warm this weekend. Unfortunately it is cold
again today, but to have 50 degrees and the snow melting was a tender
mercy. This week went by so fast and I can hardly remember anything.

We have been working with two families that are making preparations to
go to the temple! It is so exciting to help other families preparing
for an eternal marriage.

Well here was our week: Stake Mission Correlation, Stake Priesthood
Leadership meeting, exchanges, zone leaders meeting, district meeting,
weekly planning, deep clean of our apartment, and another district
meeting. I don't even know what to write about! We were in lots of
meetings and trainings. It is really cool how unified all the stakes
in this mission are in the "Work of Salvation".

So to make this email interesting here is a list of the crazy things I
saw this week: I walked down into the subway and there was this dense
smell of B.O., manure, and sewage. It was so bad. Then this big guy
with long gray hair with a long gray beard walked by and there was the
smell! It was the worst smell ever. I felt so bad for this man. He was
homeless and wherever he walked he cleared a big path through all the
people. It was so sad! The next was the guy scamming people for money.
He had this blue board with three cups and a ball and if you gave him
money and guessed where the ball was he would double your money. I
walk by and this lady gives him $100! I don't know if she lost or not.
I got rejected hardcore on the street haha! I go up this guy and
seemed like a sporty type so I was like hey do you play basketball? He
just gives me a dirty look and said don't talk to me then he hopped in
a taxi. A manhole blew up on Jamaica Avenue and flames were scorching
out of it so the cops surrounded to and the NYFD got it all taken care

Well that was a summary of my week! Sorry there wasn't a lot of details!


Elder Hooper

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