Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Week 68, Another transfer begins!

Hey there! I can't believe that it has already been 6 weeks being here in Queens. I really enjoy it out here. So, here is some awesome news. Our mission was given a new standard of excellence that we are to aim for and that is to get 20 new investigators each transfer! Elder Busby and I got the 20th new investigator at 8:45pm! We were pretty stoked. We worked so hard to get 20 new investigators.

We taught 3 member presents (a member present at lesson with investigator) the other night in like 2 hours! One with a man named Vincent, but I think the member we had scared him a bit so I don't know if we will see him again. The next one was with Sherrif's (one of the youth in the ward) girlfriend over skype which was really funny because he has actually never seen her before! They met over Facebook and started calling each other. He was our member present and we were his motivation to talk to her haha! The next one was with Sherrif again with their neighbor, Sister Linn. She is totally awesome
and very pure in heart. The Charles family is doing so awesome. During the lesson I had my testimony of the Book of a moron strengthened! I was showing how many verses in the BoM help clarify the Bible like The Fall of Adam and Eve. There were some other questions regarding things like would the people before Christ be able to repent that I answered from the BoM. I just realized how much of it I know and truly believe. I just felt that it is true. It answers so many questions that the Bible just can't.

During our basketball finding activity, I was on fire surprisingly! I made half my team's points that last game and everyone loved me after that, plus I did a little showboat with a Tim Tebow bow. That got a
pretty good laugh. I love the guys we play basketball with. They areall good individuals and they keep bringing their friends! :D

So last Saturday was transfer calls and the assistants called us to let us know who was leaving. It was interesting being on this end of the call. We then got on a conference call with our zone and then
missionary by missionary said "Elder so and so, you are.... out!" It is fun to make everyone freak out.

I have to get going now. We are hosting all the new missionaries for some street contacting for a bit. These missionaries just got here from the MTC so I am looking forward to helping them and seeing the

I am doing well! I love being out here in Queens.

Elder Hooper

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