Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 72, #ldsconf

Hey there everybody! It's one day from April and it is snowing right now! It is so weird. Elder Busby and I have had a great week! Lots of miracles. We were all over NY this week. We first had a doctor appointment in Manhattan, 2 visits to Brooklyn for a music concert I played my violin in, and then to northern part of Queens. It has been crazy. I am stoked for another busy week. We have our transfer apartment deep clean, a 6 hour leader council, and 10 hours of general conference! It is going to be awesome.

On Sunday we had 4 people at church! It was awesome! 2 people came that we haven't seen before and met for the first time. Mike was given a card and visited the site and chatted with a missionary online. We asked him to read the intro to the BoM and he did that and said, is that it? He kept reading and asked when he could be baptized #toogoodtobetrue? Chris was fearlessed by the sisters and he came, but he has some slight handicaps. We will see how it plays out. He also asked when he could be baptized as well.

So after church, we taught the Keslin family and found out that Bro Keslin goes to church every Sunday when he is not in Queens for work. He will attend the ward in NJ where he drives taxis. He has read some of the BoM and is progressing a lot more than we thought! We stopped by one of my favorite member's house to pick up my gps they updated for me and then had a quick chat with The husband. We asked if there was anything we could do for him and he of course said they were fine. Then after the prayer he said "you know, there is one thing you could do for me. You could give my wife a blessing". They have been having some fertility issues for 10 years and finally have been given some good news from the doctor to be able to have a child. It was a cool experience as I was giving the blessing. I felt certain things come to mind that she needed and I also pictured two little kids that I knew would be theirs. I then told her that she would have a child and that there was a future family in store for her. It was really cool! I can't wait to see the results from the doctor. I love the priesthood and being able to be a tool in God's hand! As you listen for the spirit during a blessing the Lord speaks.

Well these next few weeks are going to be great. The Queens NY Stake is splitting and the Lynbrook District is becoming a stake and the area that I am in is going to be put in the new stake! Elder Busby and I aren't sure what will happen to us or if we will be moving areas or what since there are already zone leaders where our Area will be added to, so it is going to be a fun change!

We are having our zone activity today! Elder Busby and I just bought 72 hot dogs and buns and the dogs are boiling now! We got chili, cheese, onions, relish, etc. It's gonna be way, I love you guys! Have a wonderful week and get ready for General Conference!

Elder Hooper

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