Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week 71, Another week in JamRock!

Hey there everyone! !  I am doing good! Just stuffed my face at a Pizza Hut buffet! It is freezing cold at the end of March... What is this place? Where is my AZ sun!? I'm just kidding, but really.

We had an awesome Zone Conference on Tuesday. During one of the workshops that the Sister Training Leaders gave, they used a fun analogy with basketball. Elder Adams, Busby, Hart, and myself were playing and Elder Hart and I teamed up against them. The object of the game, of course, was to shoot as many points as possible. Each team had their own ball. There were no rules, so I was jumping on top of Elder Busby, bear hugging him, stealing their ball and holding it. At one point, they forgot I was there and I grabbed a ball and just started shooting and scoring, but then I got jumped by my companion shortly after I scored 4 points! 
The worst part though, is at the end, both Elder Busby and
Adams made buzzer shots at the same time!

After the conference was over, Lovern Smith, an investigator of the sisters, was going to be interviewed by President Calderwood. I saw her and for some reason, I wanted to go say hi. I really love this lady, She has had such real growth! I walk over, said hi, laughed with her little daughter and begin to walk away, and then Sister Hopkins says "go ahead, ask him." Curious, I stopped and waited for her question. Lovern said she wanted to give me the honor to baptize her! I was getting emotional at first! I was just so honored to do that. I told her that I just want to start crying and bore a quick testimony about the happiness the gospel brings. I walked away and was pretty emotional. I was so happy! I was just feeling a little inadequate, but once she asked me to perform that ordinance for her that all turned

Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Hooper

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