Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Week 81, Transfers!

I am now in Bay Shore, Long Island! This is my first time in LI and it
is beautiful out here. I could definitely live here. So before
transfer meeting begins, all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training
Leaders get together to receive your new list of missionaries in your
zone which you will announce at the pulpit during transfer meeting,
and for those who are being transferred like me figure out who your
new zone leader companion and area is. There were two spots open for
me. Bay Shore or Staten Island again! Either one I was excited for. I
was assigned Bay Shore and the funny thing is that I am back with
Elder McDonald who trained me way back in the day! I love him! I am
super stoked to be with him again. We have both changed a ton and it
is fun to bring back all the good'ol Bushwick memories.

Bay Shore is beautiful! The nature scenery is so pretty. It is as if I
am not even in NY anymore! The people here are very friendly and open
to talk with you. It has been a unique adjustment coming from the city
to the island as there is just no one to talk to on the streets!
Knocking on doors seems to be what is effective. In my past areas,
Staten Island being kind of an exception, have all been crazy cities
with buildings everywhere. The cement forests have now turned into
real forests. It's beautiful here. My apartment is pretty sweet as
well. It is really small, but has a cool spiral staircase that goes up
to a loft where are beds and dressers are. It is a unique apartment.

I do have a car out here. We are driving a 2011 Toyota Corolla. It is
definitely different not being able to talk to people on the street
because there isn't anyone on the street! Elder McDonald noticed a
family that he met once was outside so we stopped by to see of we
could get a return appointment. He graciously allowed us to sit with
him in his backyard and we had a nice discussion and his wife also
came out too! They are an awesome family. They have a strong belief in
Christ. We visited them again on Sunday and the whole family came out
to listen as well. It is a family of 5 and the kids are super smart!
They named almost all of the 12 apostles during our restoration
activity. They are a great family.

The Bay Shore Ward is like a traditional ward at home. It is so weird
though! I am used to having people respond with "Good Morning!" to
everyone that says good morning at the pulpit etc. Every calling is
filled and it is so structured! I am not used to that. In the city the
culture of the people is so different. I kind of miss the Caribbean
culture mixed in the church. This ward is great though and the
organist is amazing! It was a blast to sing to.

So this story might be a but too much information, but it is kind of
funny! So, out of no where I just had to go to the bathroom really bad
while we were out proselyting. Elder McDonald said that there was a
former investigator that would let us in. He is actually being taught
by the Spanish sisters. He has a date scheduled for baptism on June
22. After I relieved the bladder we talked with him for a bit. He said
he was having some doubts about the Facsimiles in the Pearl of Great
Price. We gave him some counsel to not let the small things bother
him. He said that he felt that we came at the right time when he was
having these thoughts. I obviously was hit by the pee wave so that we
would go to his house to use his bathroom! God works in mysterious and
I guess humorous ways.


Elder Hooper
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