Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 84, Super Busy Week!

Hello again! Another bright sun-shiny day in Bay Shore, NY. I just
want to start this off with a cool story. My companion and I both have
been blessed to have musical talents and we happened to have our
instruments in the car so, like we did back in the Bushwick days, we
went music tracting! People are totally receptive to this! We just
have a couple of songs in our repertoire, but Elder McDonald would
play guitar and sing and I would add some lovely descents or something
fun. One door we knocked on beheld an older gentleman holding Samuel
Adams in his hand let us in. He was a little drunk, but said that we
could play and he invited his wife in. After we played one he wanted
an encore. They said that next time we come back they will invite
their neighbors and we will have a big jam sesh at their house
(hopefully alcohol free this time haha). It was a cool experience
though. That family's heart softened as we sang some pretty hymns.
Some other families were also softened while we played.

I had the privilege to interview a young man for baptism. He is 23
years old and he was being taught by some other missionaries in our
zone. It is so much fun to interview people for baptism. They are
always very excited and have strong testimonies. His baptism was great
even if he had to be baptized four times due to his feet coming up. He
was then confirmed at church the next day.

On an exchange with my District Leader, there was one guy we were
going to talk to when he got out of his car with some groceries, but
then he saw us staring at him and then he stared at us, then it just
got super awkward so we we just got in the car! After he got into the
house. I sat there just staring at his house, so I stopped the car and
said we just need to go knock on his door anyway! He happened to be
quite friendly and he said he would be interested, so hopefully we can
teach him later on. On another exchange this week, this Elder and I
were knocking on some doors and this guy immediately says, "come on
in". I was shocked! I felt like I was being called up to The Price is
Right, "come on  down", but even better! This man was taught by
missionaries back in the late 90s and just stopped meeting with them.
We committed him to be baptized and he said "Yea, that seems like it
would be good." We were excited about that. And then on another
exchange... Just kidding no more exchange stories this time.

The other day I was starting to get a little discouraged as we just
aren't finding anyone to teach! I feel like I have been trying my best
to find others by knocking on doors, fearlessing people on the street,
setting up appointments to meet with the members, and making lots of
phone calls, etc! It so happens this was on an exchange too, but we
visited a family who was in our area book to see who they were. They
are a great family! The Johnson family has had many experiences with
the church as Sis Johnson's mother-in-law is a member, but now just
very old and sickly. Sis Johnson said come back tomorrow in the
evening and we would catch her husband home. So we did just that and
he was home and let us right in. He told us all about his past
experiences with the missionaries and how they were all going to get
baptized! They were not able to, however, due to some complications
getting married they were not able to be baptized. They are totally
ready to be baptized and love the church. Bro Johnson said that he
wanted to get baptized ASAP. We chose a date and then a day to come
back to meet his whole family! This was such a blessing to me. I was
praying and reading and knew The Lord was preparing someone for us to
teach. I have no doubt that this is true. I mean, this is the Lord's
work, why wouldn't He be preparing his children to return to his

Here is a fun picture of me doing some service! We were moving tons of bricks!

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