Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Week 82, Beautiful Bay Shore!

Today I was on an exchange with one of the district leaders in my zone. He has been very overwhelmed and stressed since he just came back from Bermuda, which is like being exiled to the isle of Patmos, and having no idea what is going on in the mission. In addition to this he is training and got blinded into a pool with no one to teach!

Going on an exchange with him really lifted my spirits. It was so good to see his whole perspective change and his confidence in himself increase. I called an audible for him to do an emergency district meeting (Elder McDonald mentioned it). It went really well. At the beginning of the meeting as we were giving a quick workshop, I felt impressed to share my love and trust in this Elder and then ask for a sustaining vote of support to him from his district. I felt that with a sustaining vote it would bring some district unity. It was well received. After the exchange he even sent me a text saying thanks for the awesome exchange! It is such a joy for me to see missionaries just boom after a bit of training I give. I know that because of the gifts and talents God has given me, I can be a tool in His hand. We found a good family and a solid LA member to teach!

So here is something that has changed my life! Of course this is from President Calderwood- he is my hero. During our online proselyting training, he said that he felt impressed to testify of the Savior and His Atonement. He said that the cleansing power of the Atonement is real and important, but it alone isn't enough for this world at this time. With the healing power combined, we can be healed from the scars this world leaves on us. I then felt impressed that with all of the scars that the world leaves on us we can be healed and made while again. I can be healed of the anger, vulgarity, and promiscuity that enters into my mind from the world and I felt strongly that this principle was true. I have been starting to simply pray, accepting the Atonement, and just trusting in the Savior when these thoughts come and I have felt sooooo much better! I feel so much more at peace with my mind as I rely on the Savior to heal me from these wounds! I love Him!

So we found this awesome flower farm while we were knocking on some doors. The family that owns the place was very friendly and we had a fun conversation about God and such. The mother of the family was telling us that you can learn a lot about God through nature and growing plants like faith for example. She said that with all the years she has been running this farm, until the Easter season is over all the plants won't bloom, symbolic of the Savior's resurrection, even if it is a later Easter. I thought that was totally cool! We came back the next day to volunteer our time to help with some of the menial chores. They took us back to where they begin growing the flowers and vegetables they allowed us to eat some of the veggies off the vine and they were delicious! It was so pretty around their farm too! No wonder the ancient prophets and Christ went to beautiful places like gardens and mountains to seek revelation.

This week is going to be awesome! Elder S. Gifford Nielsen of the Seventy is here touring our mission. Elder McDonald and I will be attending a council with the other Zone Leaders and the APs and president with Elder Nielsen! I am super stoked for this! It will be a lot fun. On Wednesday we will be having our zone conference with him.

He is the EXCLAMATION POINT guy in conference last October.

I am sorry that I don't have a ton to write this week! I didn't do a very good job of writing in my journal and forgot like everything haha!

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn! Happy Fat-her's Dad!

Elder Hooper

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