Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 75, Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! It was a great Easter here in Jamaica, Queens.

The weather was beautiful and church was awesome. Elder Joseph Nugent is my new companion. He is from Utah, and his father's side of the family from the island Jamaica! He is a very dedicated missionary and working very hard. He has almost been out on his mission for a year.

We will be going to our anniversary temple trips the same day in May :). He just got back from serving in Bermuda. It has been fun to learn about what it is like over there. Our zone did get moved around a bit. We previously had another part of Queens called Richmond Hill, but now we don't have them so it is just the Jamaica 1st and 2nd wards. Only 16 missionaries are in our zone. I am so excited about this though! I was bummed at first, but now we can really focus on these missionaries, go on exchanges with all the Elders, and just be more united with everyone so close together!

So, before Easter Sunday I hadn't had the opportunity to take the sacrament for 2 Sundays due to General and Stake conferences back to back. It was so nice to partake of the sacrament yesterday, renew my covenants, and feeling clean. It is the best feeling and I am so grateful for the priesthood and the saving ordinances and associated covenants that The Lord has revealed and given to us in this dispensation to get nearer to God and live with Him after this life #BecauseofHim.

We couldn't get a hold of one of our investigators so we went to his apartment and he was there and we brought him to the church to have a quick lesson with him. When we got to the church there was this lady that had he face against the glass doors with her hands cupping her eyes so she could see the painting of Jesus in the lobby. I asked her if she wanted to come inside. We invited her in and she was really excited and said the she has been trying to visit for days, but the church wasn't ever open. Unfortunately she was a bit crazy and wouldn't let us talk and then it dragged on to 30 min! We really needed to teach Mike who was there sitting down though all of this so I called the sisters and begged them to help us and they walked down stairs and took her with them so we could talk to Mike. We had a super good lesson with him. We helped him understand that we want him to develop a relationship with God. It was all just pretty funny!

I had the chance to go on exchanges with Elder Briles, one of the Assistants. It was fun and so nice to go running on the boardwalk along the beach! So relaxing! After making some phone calls and finishing up my 5-5-5 presentation, we went to get some Chinese food. This lady came in and said that she wanted an order of French Fries. My first thought was, "French Fries from a Chinese restaurant?". I initially felt like talking to her, so I used that as a conversation starter. I asked her, "are the FF better at Chinese places than McDonalds?" She laughed and said yes! She gave us a few to try and they were actually pretty good. She started to ask us who we were and we then got on to the topic of Easter. We bore short testimony and she shared with us the exhaustion she has been feeling as she has been trying her best to live the commandments. I asked if we could say a prayer with her and she gladly accepted, then she asked if she could say a prayer for us. There was a nice little spirit in that Chinese restaurant. She said she needed that experience. Coincidence that she just walked right in to a Chinese place for FF? No way haha! Her countenance changed after that. She doesn't work or live out by this restaurant, just happened to be in the area. God led her to us.

Have a great week everyone! It was great over here!

Elder Hooper
 Alex During our Skype lesson

 Mission Goals
Sleeping during Conference

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